Purna Kumbh Mela at Prayag (Allahabad) - 2013

“The religious fairs held in India from time immemorial are known as Kumbha Melas; they have kept spiritual goals in the sight of the multitude,” wrote Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. Inspired by these words of our Guru, we have been organizing YSS camps during Kumbha Melas in the past. Likewise, we are planning to set up a Camp at the Purna Kumbha that will be held at Prayag (Allahabad) early next year. The Camp will be functional on the Kumbha Mela grounds from January 10 to February 16, 2013. This period will cover the bathing days: Amavasya (January 11), Lohdi (January 12), Makar Sankranti (January 14), Ekadashi (January 22), Purnima (January 27), Sankat Chauth (January 30), Ekadashi (February 6), Mauni Amavasya (February 10), Kumbha Sankranti (February 12), and Vasant Panchami (February 15).

Throughout the camp period various programmes such as group meditations, bhajans, and satsangas will be organized to help devotees derive the maximum benefit from their stay in the Camp.

The accommodation arrangements at the camp will be spartan, consisting of only a tent pitched on sand, and floor covered with straw. Men and women will be accommodated in separate tents.Devotees who would like to visit and stay at the YSS Camp are requested to fill in the attached Registration Form and send it back to us along with a registration fee of `400 per person. Kindly read the Guidelines given overleaf before filling in the Registration Form.The completed form and remittance should reach us at least two months before your expected date of arrival. Please do mention alternative dates which may be allotted to you in case there is a heavy rush on the dates of your first preference. We shall try to honour your first preference as far as possible. We will confirm your accommodation by letter, which you should bring with you to the Kumbha Mela Camp.

Accommodation at the Camp will be limited to five days, including the days of arrival and departure, so that the largest number of devotees can avail of the limited facilities and yet fulfil their bathing and other observances. Kindly do not insist on attending one of the main bathing days when there is likely to be much difficulty in accommodation as well as movement. You are also advised to avoid arriving and departing on the main bathing days as vehicles are not permitted to ply on the Mela grounds on those days

Gurudeva said: “Learn to see God in all persons, of whatever race or creed. You will know what divine love is when you begin to feel your oneness with every human being, not before.



  1. Registration: Please complete the attached form and send it along with the registration charges of `400 per person to Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Ashram — Noida, B-4, Sector 62, Noida 201307, U.P. The amount should be sent through a Demand Draft/I.P.O./Account Payee Cheque in favour of Yogoda Satsanga Society of India payable at Noida (U.P.). Your form should reach the Noida Ashram at least two months before your proposed date of arrival at the camp.

  2. Food: Simple meals will be provided on a donation basis. There will be no fixed charges for this.

  3. Accommodation: The accommodation arrangements at the camp will be spartan, consisting of only a tent pitched on sand, and floor covered with straw. As men and women will be accommodated in separate tents, families planning to stay at the camp are requested to pack keeping this in mind. As the weather will be very cold in January and February, please bring with you complete winter clothing (such as quilt/sleeping bag/sweaters/ cap, socks, etc). You may also want to bring a raincoat or an umbrella as it may rain occasionally during these months.

  4. As facilities at the camp are limited, only those persons whose accommodation has been confirmed by YSS will be allowed to stay in the camp. You are requested to not bring along friends and family members who do not have such confirmation.

  5. Things to bring: Bedding, winter clothing (as given above), mosquito repellent cream, torch, asan, and other items of personal use.

  6. Volunteers: We require dedicated volunteers to help run the camp. Volunteers should be prepared to stay for at least seven days. We need their help with the kitchen, bookstall, accommodation, registration, reception, maintenance and upkeep of the camp, medical services (allopathic and homeopathic), accounts, shopping, etc. Those who wish to volunteer may please mention the same in the Registration Form.

  7. Train Tickets: Devotees are requested to purchase their train tickets on their own.

  8. Contact Us: If you have any queries regarding this programme, you may send them to the email address: kumbha@yssi.org. You may also contact our Noida Ashram between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.at the Phone numbers:(0120) 2400670, 2400671, 2950515.

  9. Base Camp: YSS has a base camp at : YSS Dhyana Kendra — Allahabad, 270, Sohabatia Bagh, Nai Basti,  Allahabad 211106, U.P.; Phone Number: +91 9456973967.

YSS Kumbha Mela Camp address , site map, and other information:

We are happy to inform all the devotees who have registered their names for staying at the YSS Kumbha Mela camp that by the grace of God and Gurus, YSS has been allotted land on the Prayag Kumbha Mela grounds.

Camp Address:

Yogoda Satsanga Society of India Shankaracharya Marg,
Sector 5, Next to the Railway Bridge pillar 8 (from city side)
(Opposite Ramakrishna Mission Camp)

Transport facilities for reaching the YSS Camp:

  1. From Airport: Taxis are available from the airport to the Mela grounds. The fare may be around
    Rs 1500/-.
  2. From Allahabad Railway Station:
    • Please exit towards the Civil Lines area upon arrival
    • The Railway Station has two exits towards the Civil Lines area.
    • Taxi are available from the Railway Station to the Mela grounds. The fare  may be around Rs 1000/- .
    • An autorickshaw has been arranged for transporting devotees on payment. Please contact the driver on phone (number given below) upon arrival to avail of his services.
    • You may use any other autorickshaw also, if you are unable to contact the person above.
    • If you need any help, please call one of the numbers given below.

Contact numbers:

YSS Kumbha Mela Camp Reception Desk

+91-94569 73967 (Already active)
+91-97947 04317 (active from January 10, 2013 onwards)

YSS contact person near Allahabad Railway Station :

+91-97214 64072 (active from January 10, 2013 onwards)

Autodriver at Allahabad Railway Station : +91-9307666851

YSS Dhyana Kendra :

(0532) 2501088 (landline, already active)
+91-93053 90115 (active from January 10, 2013 onwards)


Traffic Movement Restrictions:

On main bathing days , no vehicle will be allowed inside the Mela grounds. Please be prepared to walk to the YSS camp on foot from the point where vehicles are stopped. You may contact us on telephone if you need any help.

Location Map download here

Registration Form download Click here